How Male Adult Models Enhance Their Sexual Power

As a photographer I collaborate with male fitness models, bodybuilders and everyday muscle guys, it's not a secret.

Not a secret either that a lot of male models create adult content to share on JustForFans and other fansites.

Normally they upload at least 1-2 videos a day (the more, the better!) to rank highly on the platform. Also they do dozens of nude pics mostly with a boner. Finally some of them do live cam shows where they perform a massive erection and abundant ejaculation again.

A full-time job BTW. I always wondered if there was anything that helped them get a hard-on whenever needed. 

How to Get Rid of Acne

Acne is a frequent problem with male muscle models. More than anybody, photographers know what it takes to get the image fully polished and ready for publishing when the model has pimples all over his body.


Yes, we can use graphic editors to get rid of pimples in photos. The question is: how to get rid of acne in real life?

The answer was given by some guys I was lucky to work with.

Once we scheduled a shoot for posters and photo books. We had a handsome bodybuilder to model. But when he came and got undressed... Just have a look.

3 Fat Burning Formulas That Really Work

People who start training often make the same mistake. Usually they focus on building muscle, instead of removing body fat first.

It is the fat reserves that do not allow the muscles to be highlighted and they are responsible for the much less attractive appearance of the figure.


A small percentage of fat loss is enough to emphasize the muscles and increase the effectiveness of the exercises.

Check out 3 fat burning supplements most commonly used by our models.